Brief History of Me

I was privileged to be born in the small village of Tidal, PA in the last year of the 60’s decade. My life began shortly after man first walked on the moon. I ran the hills of that small village, dreaming of one day being Laura Ingalls Wilder, the writer. But life took me on a different path when my father moved the family to Dubois, PA to give my brothers and I more opportunity in life. We were able to be involved in school activities and experience things we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do. Up until this point in life, I had a child like faith, believing God was a superhero; when my father passed away shortly before my 17th birthday, that faith wavered.

I spent the next ten years of my life battling with a God who had let me down. I struggled in life as I grieved the loss of not only my earthly father, but my heavenly Father as well. My God had let me down, I no longer believed in Him.

After seven long years, I finally received my undergraduate degree in Business Administration. Shortly thereafter I became a Flight Attendant for US Airways, where God showed me, even though I had turned my back on Him, He had never left me. As I began my new found journey with God, I wanted a more settled life which led to a career shift into retail. I spent the next 23 years enjoying my career choice, spending most of that time working for Nautica International as a Merchandise Coordinator. For 16 years I traveled the roads of Virginia and North Carolina, as well as the East Coast, selling their product.

On Oct. 21, 2010, God yet again changed my path when he brought my husband into my life. I had resigned myself to a life of singleness. I was content in my relationship with God, He was all I needed. God knew better, He gave me icing on the cake for this life. My husband and I were married less than two years later. I’ve since left Nautica, and run two small businesses while working on my Masters in Strategic Communications. We recently celebrated my 50th birthday with a three week RV trip to Colorado. I don’t know where I will go next, I’m just enjoying the journey. For now I am here until God intervenes and takes me elsewhere.

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