One Way Brides-to-Be Plan Their Special Day


Staff Writer

Brides-to-be were disappointed when they attended the Virginia Bridal and Wedding Expo at the Virginia Beach Pavilion on Sunday.  The show was short on Bridal shops but had a long list of realtors and other vendors available.

Karen Bradley, a realtor for Coldwell Banker, was a first-time vendor – but she has also attended as a bride in the past.  Bradley said, “I’m surprised they allow realtor booths, when I attended as a bride I don’t remember any being here.”  Vendors ranged from photographers, hair salons, wedding venues and wellness centers.  Kaity Collins, a licensed master esthetician was also a first-time vendor. Collins said, “We’ve had a steady stream of traffic up until the Bridal show started.”  KKWellness, a weight loss and nutrition center, were also in attendance with hopes to help brides-to-be fit into their dress when their day arrived.

Copper Coupe & Company Mobile Bar  was the only mobile bar in attendance.  Stephanie Rook, a bride-to-be at their booth, liked the idea.  Rook said, “This would be fantastic if I was doing an outdoor wedding.” The company has converted a 1987 bumper pool horse trailer into a mobile bar.  If hired, the fully stocked bar, comes with “only the best bartenders in the business,” according to the company website.  Their bar had a constant stream of people asking the representatives for more information.  To complement Cooper Coupe and Company’s bar, Signature DJs was an adjacent vendor ready to provide musical needs for an outdoor wedding.

At 3 p.m., midway through the expo the fashion show by McCellis Brides began.  Brides in all styles of gowns paraded before a packed crowd, standing room only.   Their ensembles included no jewelry and accessories as noted by one bride.  People began to wander in and out as the show continued.  Lasting less than an hour, the place began to empty once it was over. A brief video of the show can be found below.

The show did have a plethora of design ideas.  Fluttering Flowers provided a centerpiece and table pavilion for floral ideas.  They offer everything from bouquets, centerpieces and boutonnieres. Their motto, “Let us flutter your flowers on your favorite day,” describes their desire to make weddings perfect.   Dream Cake Bakery offered samplings of their cakes, 3 of the flavors are free, all others come at an extra cost.  And to help pull it all together, event planners like Events by Beckie were on hand to offer assistance.

Rook, a bride planning for a June 2020 wedding was highly disappointed.  Her quest to find the perfect accessories were not helped with the meager offerings of the show.  In Rook’s words, “Be prepared with pre-printed bride information, all I’ve done is fill out forms.”  Ultimately, her goal of finally finding the perfect pair of shoes was denied.  Rook said, “It’s just an information gathering convention for bridal vendors.”  Rook did appreciate the realtors she met.  She said, “This really helps get the ball rolling on buying a house.”  Her fiancée and her are first time home buyers, just beginning the search for a new home.  She made realtor contacts and her email will be full of wedding promotions for the next 6 months as she finalizes her special day.

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