“Here I am, send me!”

Those words captured my attention. A female detective is driving a rape victim to the hospital for testing after being victimized. The young college student sees those words taped to the dashboard of the SUV and asks what they mean. The detective tells her it comes from Isaiah. God asks who is willing to go and do what He wants done. Isaiah responds loudly, “Here I am, send me!” He didn’t even know what the job was, but he was willing to do whatever God wanted.

This dialogue created a powerful moment between these two women. Unknowingly, the detective had been vulnerable with this young girl who desperately needed someone to be vulnerable with her. She had just been violated in unspeakable ways. She was far from home, no family near. She was scared, isolated, alone. A long forgotten verse, scribbled on a post-it note, taped to a dash, created a moment of vulnerability the young girl needed.

Unbelievable is a limited six episode series on Netflix based on true events. A young at risk girl is raped and no one believes her. Fifteen years later, the rapist hasn’t stopped, he’s just moved around the country. The series tells the story. I’m on episode four, will probably finish it today.

Men will never know what it is like to be female, no matter how hard they try. Women have a vulnerability that men don’t have. We aren’t as strong as them physically. We can’t protect ourselves like they can. I’m not saying women are less than, they are not. I’m just saying, physically, men are stronger than women. I know there are exceptions to every rule. But if a man and woman are in a physical battle, the man is going to win that fight most of the time.

Unbelievable illustrates that point very well. The show is not easy to watch. This rapist had no “type,” one of his victims was a 72 year old woman. But it happened, to people whose lives were changed because of it. We can’t hide from the ugliness of this world if we’re going to love the people in it.

If you’re not in the mood for a heavy, thought provoking series, don’t watch this.

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