News From Home

Dr. Keith Buck

Dr. Buck, the man who delivered me from my mother’s womb has passed. I learned of the news from my brother:

“The first person who ever saw you on this Earth died.” Matt Minick

He delivered 9,163 babies in his lifetime. My brothers and I are three of them. Cause of death is not stated. He will be missed.

In other news, 18 states partially re-opened last week. Virginia is not one of them. COVID continues.

We love “The Morning Show”

We received a free year of Apple TV when Ron transitioned to the Iphone SE. As a result we discovered “The Morning Show.” We were immediately hooked, already we’ve watched three episodes.

Adjustments were made to my puzzle area. The towel on the table made it impossible to put the pieces together. An investment in a folding table has helped immensely. Progress has occurred. Ron misses the coffee table, but is willing to adjust.

Since the semester ended, I’m focusing on improving my writing. Currently, understanding passive voice and applying it to my writing is top priority. My friend Johnny is helping Ron and I with this task. I’ve found a website to help further my mission. I’m beginning to understand, but the light isn’t completely on at the moment.

Passive Voice Detector

Dahlia’s continue to bring a smile to my face. My northern friends remind me how blessed it is to live in the south. I’m grateful I can work outside, as I’m doing now. Sunshine on my face makes social isolation bearable for me.

Another week is here. We’re grateful for our health and God’s provision in our lives. We pray for our nation daily. We’re trusting God to lead in all things.

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