Golf (And Life) Come with Shit: Today’s Golf Epiphany’s

Walking to the green after putting one in the bunker, I had to step over dog shit.

“Why doesn’t someone clean this up?” Ran through my mind as I thought about the fees we paid to play.

But then I noticed the goose shit scattered over the fairway and had an epiphany.

“Golf comes with shit, just like life.”

No maintenance department on earth can keep Geese from pooping on the course. Expecting a person to do the impossible only causes problems. Just like in life, people can’t fix our problems; only we can. Expecting them too sets you up for disappointment.

No game has ever frustrated me more than the game of golf. If my husband and I hadn’t paid the money upfront to join, I would quit. But, because we made the commitment, it forced me to analyze and take responsibility for my issues. Becoming a sportsman like my husband motivated me to change.

Ron exemplifies good sportsmanship to me. Honest about his score, Ron takes responsibility for his actions, not taking bad shots out on others. He remains even keel most of the time. Not perfect, but above average, Ron inspires me to become better.

However, shit comes with the game. Instead of avoiding the inevitable, I had to learn to deal with it.

Becoming better means accepting, “Shit comes with life; accept it, deal with it and move on. Don’t get stuck in it.”

Today things began to click. For the first time, I didn’t care about the score. I just enjoyed the good shots and learned from the bad shots, and had epiphanies.

Like, “If you got time to worry, you got time to pray.”

And, “Pray for the best, Do my best,”

And, “Death isn’t an ending; it’s the beginning.”

All while walking nine holes of golf with my husband, God used my cheapness and my stubbornness to teach me some lessons.


Steps on one shoe, distance on the other, the most efficient way I’ve found to walk nine with my cart. Another win for the day!

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